THE NEW GUARD is an independent literary review. We proudly publish in print, with the exception of our online feature, BANG!, a page on this site that publishes three short works by a single writer for a full month at a time. 

The New Guard is here to showcase newcomers alongside established writers and to juxtapose tradition with experiment to create a new dialogue. We publish all finalists and semi-finalists of our contests in our print-only journals, and we strive to feature at least forty debut writers in each issue. Please note that we do not presently accept unsolicited submissions.


VOLUME VII writing contests are closed. Thanks to all who entered! We saw entries come in from all over the world. Winners will be announced in October. Judges are Chris Abani and Mark Doty. 


KNIGHTVILLE POETRY CONTEST: $1,500 and publication for an exceptional poem in any form. Up to three poems per entry. Up to 150 lines per poem. Please submit all three poems in a single document. TNG Vol VII Judge: MARK DOTY. $20 entry fee.

MACHIGONNE FICTION CONTEST: $1,500 and publication for an exceptional work of fiction in any genre. Submit up to 5,000 words: anything from flash to the long story. Novel excerpts are welcome if the excerpt functions as a stand-alone story. TNG Vol VII Judge: CHRIS ABANI.  $20 entry fee.


Please submit a word document or PDF. International entries are welcome. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided we're notified upon publication elsewhere. Entrants have no submission entry limit. Each submission is carefully considered for publication. Please include your name on the first page of your contest entry. We will remove your name in the final stages of judging. Final judging is done blind, by that volume's appointed judges. 

We do pay strict attention to word and line count. Please submit previously unpublished work only. Any size print run or online publication (including blogs and/or social networking or video readings) disqualify an entry. Please note that we do not publish illustrations. We no longer accept entries via postal mail. 

Finalists and semi-finalists receive one free copy of The New Guard; winners receive two copies. Winners and selected finalists and semi-finalists will be published in our print publication. TNG is not published online.

TNG retains standard first publication rights; all rights immediately revert to the writer upon publication. Writers must be at least eighteen years of age to enter. 

BANG! is our online component. We publish flash fiction, flash nonfiction and short poetry by a single author each month. Please click the BANG! link to find out more, or visit us online. BANG! submissions are accepted year-round. $20 per entry. 

::The New Guard is the publishing arm of The Writer's Hotel writing conferences. Please see for more information.::  At TNG and The Writer's Hotel, we work diligently to support writers, in practice and in print.

Ends on February 1, 2018$20.00


BANG! is a page on The New Guard literary review. On this page, we offer a unique look at work by a single author. Work is live on our site for a 30 day stretch, so that each BANG! author is showcased individually for 30 days. We have both invited contributors to BANG! and we also consider work that comes to us via this submission manager. It's a tremendous opportunity for writers to have their work seen online. 

Work on our BANG! page is very short--flash-short--so that the pieces on BANG! serve as a kind of calling card for the author. Each BANG! is made up of three short pieces. BANG! pieces will not be published in The New Guard literary review. BANG! runs from the 20th to the 20th of every month.

Submit your work to be considered for BANG! here. Reading fee is $20.

All work on BANG! must be previously unpublished. We publish the work online in the interest of giving authors both publication and internet exposure. Submission period runs all year round.

Each monthly installment of BANG! is made up of three short pieces.

The hard and fasts:

Flash fiction: 500 words 

Nonfiction flash: 500 words 

Poetry short: 20 lines

SUBMIT THREE PIECES ONLY, all in one file. Submit a group of three pieces that represent your work and also function together. No images, please.

BANG! submissions can be in genre and in any combination. For example, submit two poems and an essay; three poems; three flash fiction pieces; two nonfiction and one fiction piece. Any combination, we just want three pieces total in each submission. 

We look forward to reading your work.